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Sublime-Caress Me Down

Mucho gusto, me llamo Bradley,
(glad to meet you my name is Bradley)
I’m hornier than Ron Jeremy,
and if you wanna get popped in your knee,
just wipe that look off your bati face

You hate me cause I got what you need,
a pretty little daughter that we call Mexi, and,
if you wanna get beat physically 
it will be over in a minute if ya…

so she told me to come over, and I took that trip
and then she pulled out my mushroom tip,
and, when it came out, it went drip, drip, drip
I didn’t know she had the G.I. Joe, kung-foo grip

and it went - uhh
and the girl caress me down- uhh
and that’s that lovin’ sound- it went uhh
and the girl caress me down- uhh
and that’s that lovin’ sound

when I kiss Mexi, she makes me feel horny,
cause I’m the type of lover with the sensitivity,
when she, kiss my neck and tickle me fancy,
the right kind of lover on Sunday morning.

En el otro lado, es donde vivi,
(On the other side is where I lived )
con mi’hjita, que se llama Mexi,
(with my girl, who’s name is Mexi)
su hermana, si me quieré,
(and her sister; she wants me)
y ahorita, tenemos un bebe,
(and we have a baby)

Sus padres, sus tios, me trataron matar
(her parents, her uncles, they tried to kill me)
but they did not get too far
un poco despues tuvé que regresar
(a little while later I had to come back) 
con un chingo de dinero
(with a shit-load of money)
cause you know I’m a star 

me fui a Costa Rica 
(I went to Costa Rica) 
para tomar y sufear
(to drink and surf)
platicaba con la raza
([I’d] talk to the race [Costa Rican people])
cause they know who we are

Si no me dio cuenta
(If you didn’t pay attention to me)
then I bet you never will 
you must be a muñeca
(you must be a doll)
if your still standing still


Me gusta mi reggae,
(I like my reggae)
Me gusta punk rock,
(I like punk rock)
Pero la cosa que me gusta mas es panochita,
(but the thing I like most is pussy) 

Ponga la nalga en la aire if you know who you are,
(put your ass in the air if you know who you are)
Ponga la nalga en la aire y empieza gritar,
(put your ass in the air and start to scream)

No tenga miedo, I’m your papi,
(Don’t be scared, I’m your daddy)
take your chones, y los manden a mi,
(take your panties and send them to me)
levanta, levanta, tienes que gritar,
(get up, get up, you have to scream)
levanta, levanta, tienes que bailar.
(get up, get up, you have to dance)


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